Mold grows in warm, humid, and damp conditions. If your home is a breeding ground for mold, it could be causing health problems for you and your family. People with asthma, children, and the elderly have greater challenges when faced with mold in the home. Mold quickly spreads and can become a hidden problem behind the walls. Mold prevention is key to maintaining a safe, healthy home. Use the tips below to help prevent mold in the home.

What is Mold?

To prevent mold, you must first know what mold is. Mold is a fungus that grows indoors and outside, and aids in the decomposition of organic matter. The fungus can be white, brown, green, pink, or even black, depending on the type and location. Each type of mold poses its own risks, and if spotted in the home, should be removed immediately.

How to Prevent Mold in the Home

It is nearly impossible to prevent all mold in the home, but there are simple techniques to keep it from growing and spreading. This considerably reduces the risks of mold breeding and causing health problems.

The best way to keep mold out of your house is by preventing moisture. Mold cannot grow without moisture. Many sources of moisture exist throughout the home. Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in the air. Keep humidity levels between 35% – 50%. Monitor humidity levels with a hygrometer, which you can purchase at any hardware store.

Simple measures, like turning on the exhaust fan when showering and cooking, will also help keep your home dry and prevent mold. Wipe up any spilled liquids immediately and check for plumbing leaks that are causing water to pool up.

Mold Has No Place in Your Home

Mold is beneficial in nature and science. It is used to create Penicillin, one of the most common antibiotics used in pharmaceuticals today. Mold also serves other purposes, like breaking down organic matter. However, mold should not grow in your home. It can cause serious damage to your home’s structure and make you and your family sick. Prevent mold from growing in your home by using the tips above.

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