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Because most home purchase contracts are contingent upon passing an inspection, shopping for a new home also means shopping for a qualified home inspector. A thorough home inspection informs a prospective homeowner about a property’s current condition and any potential problem areas. Due to the fact that both lenders and insurance providers will request a copy of the inspection report, we at Ace Home Inspections realize the importance of detailed and accurate home inspection reports.

One of the things that sets us apart at Ace Home Inspections is that we encourage clients to stick around during their home inspection because of the types of questions that inevitably come up during the process. In our experience, it can really help a homeowner to be present the entire time instead of merely arriving at the end to receive the report.

To make sure you home inspection goes as smoothly as possible, we have provided below some important questions to ask before you get started.


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Questions For Your Home Inspector

  1. Is he or she a member of a professional inspectors group? As a testament to our knowledge and professionalism, we are proud members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).
  2. Can you do specialized inspections? Depending on the house and its location, it may be mandatory to test for mold, radon, or even the septic system. For instance, we use a moisture meter to look for signs of mold growth and to show you how to avoid future damage. For this reason, our services include mold inspection, air quality sampling and assessments for remediation projects. If necessary, we also perform clearance inspections after completion of a mold project.
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  1. How long after inspection do I get the report? At Ace Home Inspections, we know how important it is for our clients to receive their reports in a timely fashion, especially since many contracts include an inspection deadline. With our HomeGauge Software, reports are available to clients within 24 hours from the time of the inspection from any computer or mobile device.
  2. What kind of experience do you have? As a New York State licensed home inspector with more than ten years of industry experience, Frank Baldassarre, operator and owner of Ace Home Inspections, has worked with many buyers and sellers in New York City. Moreover, Frank’s extensive background in home construction makes it that much easier for his team to know exactly what to look for during an inspection.
  3. How much does a home inspection cost? Depending on the age and size of the house, inspections typically range from $300-$600.
  4. Can you show me a sample report? Because we want our customers to have as much information as we do about a property, we post sample inspection reports on our website. Our detailed reports list any defects with the house together with helpful photos and videos. In addition, our reports include an interactive Create Request List (CRL) tool, which enables you to create a list of repairs you want for the home; this list can also be shared with your realtor
  5. How long will an inspection last? Inspections last anywhere from two to four hours. The length of the inspection will be determined by the size of the home, its age and condition, the number of systems to be inspected, and the number of electrical and main panels.
  6. Will any areas not be included in your report, and what is the condition of those areas? In addition to the structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, we look at the exteriors, the roof system, attics, and fireplaces along with the ventilation and insulation in the home. However, in colder weather, outside surfaces such as the patio, deck, roof or driveway cannot be inspected if they are covered with snow or ice.

In addition to residential home inspections, Ace Home Inspections offers the following property inspection services: re-inspections, pre-listing inspections, termite, and mold inspections.

Local Home Inspectors 

We offer residential inspections for single-family and multi-family homes in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and nearby boroughs in New York City. We follow the New York State’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Call Ace Home Inspections if you need a local qualified home inspector or a licensed mold assessor.


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Contact Frank Baldassarre at Ace Home Inspections today to speak with a New York State home inspector that you can depend on.


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