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Ask about our Structural Warranty and Recall Checks on Appliances!

Ace Home Inspections is a licensed professional home inspections company that will conduct a very thorough home inspection. Before 2006, home inspectors did not have to be licensed to do inspections. Now, inspectors must be approved and licensed by a state board. Ace Home Inspections is certified, licensed, and approved by the state board, so you know that the service they offer you is of a very high quality.

Homeowners need inspections for many reasons, but the most common reasons are before buying a new house and before refinancing. The professionals at Ace Home Inspections will perform a detailed inspection of your home, searching for any defects or possible problems. The inspection results will then be presented back to you in a formal report with pictures and explanations. If you have any questions about your inspection, just ask! The inspectors at Ace Home Inspections would be more than happy to help you to understand.

Ace Home Inspections serves Staten Island and the New York City area. The owner has collected a vast knowledge of all aspects of the building industry and has learned the right way to do things, as well has how to avoid the wrong way! He is New York State certified and licensed, is a licensed termite inspector, and is a member of NACHI, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Phone: (718)554-6999
Fax: (718)554-7272
NY State License Number: 16000034029
NY State DEC License Number: 875274

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